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Managing Asset Life Cycles

Your assets have different needs as they each move through their life. CANEIL understands these targeted needs. That’s how we expertly manage your asset integrity as well as proactively plan and perform necessary integrity activities. Leave it to us. 

There are five stages of the asset life cycle.

Regulatory Compliance & Integrity Program Development

CANEIL’s inspectors and engineers assist in developing and maintaining integrity programs to meet or exceed standards.

Historical Data Review & Analysis

CANEIL analyzes the history and design of assets; a valuable predictor for future performance. We then develop a plan that meets regulatory, safety, and economic needs.

Integrity Planning & Risk Assessment

Our team works with you to develop, maintain, and optimize integrity plans and risk assessments that make sense for your assets and your business goals.

NDE / Visual Inspection & Engineering (New Construction / Existing Asset)

CANEIL helps reduce risk, and ensure quality and accuracy and will ensure your assets meet regulatory standards.

Reliability, Maintenance & Monitoring

CANEIL understands the importance of ensuring the reliability and maintenance of client assets to reduce downtime and to decrease costs.

More Than Integrity

Trust CANEIL to handle all your asset integrity needs. To learn more about how our team of experts can add value to your assets, get in touch.

Sustainability Focused

CANEIL is committed to the triple bottom line: economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Through our tradition of excellence in Asset Integrity we ensure that oil and gas equipment can run safely and efficiently, increasing economic performance, keeping people safe, and preventing environmental harm.

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CANEIL provides the complete package of visual inspection, non-destructive examination (NDE/NDT), and engineering services all under one roof. Through our range of services, we provide comprehensive integrity support to our clients efficiently and accurately.

Here at CANEIL, we believe in a collaborative approach to developing and executing a client plan. We always start with an in-depth discussion and analysis of our clients’ assets, and our clients’ needs and goals. Then we work together to develop a complete and proactive approach to drive value, save money, and provide assurance for our clients.

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