Experts in Integrity Program Development

Regulatory Compliance & Integrity Program Development

Aligning Business with Standards

CANEIL assists in developing and maintaining integrity program development and maintenance which meet or exceed jurisdictional and industry standards. CANEIL holds an Alberta Boiler Safety Association (ABSA) Certificate of Authorization Permit (CAP) to perform integrity assessments of pressure equipment in Alberta. For our customers outside of Alberta, CANEIL holds the National Board authorized inspection agency (AIA) In-Service NB-369 certification.

Client Value from CANEIL

CANEIL consistently provides client value by:

The CANEIL Difference

CANEIL provides total asset integrity solutions and our team of professionals have performed regulatory compliance assessments across North America. Our certified personnel are equipped to help clients create, review, and assist in executing integrity programs. CANEIL can help your business establish its integrity program and ensure regulatory compliance.


CANEIL has the personnel and the expertise to create, maintain, and optimize Quality Management Systems (QMS), a formalized system that describes quality policies and procedures. We develop QMS that’s certified to ISO 9001:2015, and CANEIL complies with jurisdictional requirements and adjusts for necessary changes.

CANEIL develops inspection procedures prior to equipment service. We continually revisit and revise these procedures to ensure best practices.
The development and revision of inspection procedures is one of CANEIL’s core competencies.

At CANEIL, we develop operations and maintenance manuals for pressure equipment and pipelines. Our engineers and inspectors know about the legislation and processes that apply to your assets. The information provided in our operation and maintenance manuals ensures your assets are well maintained and operating at peak efficiency.

CANEIL develops and optimizes effective integrity programs for all client assets. Whether it is your boilers, pressure vessels, piping, tanks, or pipelines, our inspectors and engineers are certified in National Board and the associated API standards to manage these assets. CANEIL’s inspectors and engineers provide our clients value through their implementation of CANEIL’s integrity management programs and systems.