CWB Welding Inspection

Welding Success

Our CWB certified inspectors and material engineers provide the highest industry standard inspection services from years of practical experience. CANEIL provides shop inspections, onsite field inspections, and engineering evaluation of both new and old welds. Combined with our NDE inspection services, CANEIL can help ensure the integrity of your welds and the continued operation of your equipment.


Why is it important?

Welds are very critical in any design equipment. They are areas with the highest probability of failure due to a multitude of factors. Welds in high pressure tanks and vessels become even more critical since they are required to withstand greater forces. This is the reason why weld inspection is one the most important and common types of inspections performed on Pressure Equipment.

Given CANEIL’s assortment of qualifies inspectors with years of experience under their belt, you can rest assured knowing that your asset will be perfectly safe.