Magnetic Particle Testing

Fracture Identification

Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) is a useful tool for locating cracks and indications in magnetic materials that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. MPI is often used to verify if welds have developed cracks or indications which will act as stress risers and reduce the strength of the weld

What else do we provide?

CANEIL has both DC and AC yokes in order to provide MPI services in a variety of locations, regardless of accessibility of AC power outlets.  CANEIL’s experienced MPI technicians can aid in the inspection of equipment of unknown history, equipment subjected to fatigue cycles, or equipment that has been damaged in the line of operation.

Internal, external, on top of vessels, or hanging on the side of vessels with our rope access certified inspectors, CANEIL can provide all of the MPI services required.

Many of our non-destructive evaluation techniques are also utilized by experienced visual inspectors such as CWB and API. These individuals possess comprehensive knowledge in material processing, manufacturing, structural, equipment integrity and damage mechanism.

If additional testing is needed, they will have the ability to conduct MT and provide suggestions.