Liquid Penetrant Testing

Fracture Identification

Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) is used to locate defects that exist in the surface of any non-porous material including ceramics, plastics, and metals. LPI will work very well on a large variety of materials, including metallic, nonmetallic, magnetic, nonmagnetic, conductive, and non-conductive surfaces such as stainless steel.


LPI is an inexpensive, highly portable method for detecting surface cracks and discontinuities. With the advantages of not requiring a power source or any large pieces of equipment, LPI can be used where many other techniques could not.

For surface examinations the typical surface NDE was to implement Magnetic Particle Inspection. However, if the material being tested is non ferro magnetic, another method such as PT will usually be chosen instead. Both of these surface methods have their pros and cons.

Because the NDE technicians at Caneil possess numerous certifications and many years of experience, they possess the necessary skills to conduct both of these tests, determine the appropriate approach, and provide recommendations.