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The Backstory

CANEIL was established in 2011 with the desire to provide unique value added services to support the asset integrity needs of our clients. From the beginning, we have appreciated the trust that our clients have put in us. 

Your Total Asset Solution

CANEIL is the straightforward solution for all your asset integrity needs. Our team delivers value, efficiency, and trusted partnership every step of the way.

Dedicated Leaders

Leverage the power of CANEIL’s team of multi-disciplinary and multi-ticketed professionals. Our team dedicates our deep bench-strength to maximize the integrity of client assets.

Leading Edge Approach

CANEIL continuously implements advanced methods and technology to give our clients leading edge and proactive plans, along with solutions that drive value.

Full Life Cycle Efficiency

Here at CANEIL, we are uniquely positioned to deliver customer focused, end-to-end efficiencies by handling the full life cycle of all your asset integrity needs.

Since inception, we’ve built a team of trusted professionals who bring a wealth of experience working for both asset owners and service providers. Collectively, our experience provides us insight and a comprehensive understanding of what is most important to any asset owner. Knowledge rooted in experience has shown us how to drive value for our clients.

We knew that by integrating all components of asset integrity management into one organization we could provide the most streamlined, high-quality inspection and engineering services possible. And so, CANEIL was formed.

CANEIL has become a recognized leader in complete asset integrity management and we’re proud to be a sought-after partner for clients of all sizes across numerous industries. We remain dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ critical assets are safe and reliable to operate, and that their assets reach their full life cycle potential allowing our clients to maximize their value.

We value long term relationships and that has been pivotal to our growth and success.

Greg Joss

President & Co-Founder

Rajiv Das

Vice President & Co-Founder

Value Driven Approach

At CANEIL, we follow through. Trust our professional team to take a proactive approach to maintaining  integrity through every stage of your asset’s life. We’ll be with you all the way.

CANEIL drives value for our clients through three service delivery pillars.

Dedicated Resource

CANEIL assigns our clients an account manager who oversees our service delivery. This on-site presence ensures a comprehensive understanding of your business. CANEIL leverages this understanding to build  solutions that maximize client asset integrity.

Expertise at Every Level

Our clients have access to CANEIL’s experts including our executive team, and our integrity professionals. CANEIL’s solutions and service delivery are backed by every level of our team.

Proactive Approach

Value is created through proactive planning and service integration. At CANEIL, we offer service packages that streamline procurement and maximize investment.

Core Principles

CANEIL is dedicated to delivering the best possible solutions, but our values go much deeper than wanting to be our clients’ first choice and an industry leader in complete asset integrity services.

CANEIL was founded on the principle of doing things differently, and we’re committed to bringing that mindset to work everyday.

We’re focused on doing things right, the first time.

At CANEIL,  people are our most valued asset. We’re committed to ensuring the safety and security of our employees, partners, and stakeholders at all times. We’re in this for the long haul. That’s why we work proactively to deliver mutually-beneficial outcomes that drive efficiency and value at every stage.

At CANEIL, we are driven by the following principles: