Pipeline Direct Examination

Pipeline Essentials

CANEIL offers pipeline Direct Examinations (DE) as an integrity tool used to support operators with their Pipeline Integrity Management Plan (IMP).  Through our Direct Examination process, CANEIL is able to provide the most effective value added deliverable that best supports an operator’s IMP.

What does the Direct Examination include?

A DE from CANEIL means a comprehensive assessment of:

  • The Environment: Soils and topography, existing coating system(s) and corrosion by-products that may be present on the pipe surface.
  • Non Destructive Examination: Along with standard MT and UT, CANEIL offers PAUT and TOFD.  The latest in laser mapping technology provides higher resolution and accuracy when mapping corrosion.
  • Pipeline Repairs: Preparation for any required repairs as well as inspection of those repairs.
  • Recoating Activities: Coating inspection for newly applied coating systems are provided by NACE certified personnel. 
  • Root Cause Analysis: CANEIL provides operators with the Root Cause responsible for any given pipeline anomaly.  Root Cause provides added value for risk management planning.
Source: buffaloinspection.com