Eddy Current Testing

Fracture Identification

CANEIL can provide both Eddy Current (EC) and Remote Field Testing (RFT) to meet our customers’ needs for the inspection of boiler or heat exchanger tubes. Through the use of EC and RFT, CANEIL can provide our customers with the data they need to monitor corrosion rates and remaining life on these tubes, which would otherwise be inaccessible for other NDE methods.

How is ECT Special?

Commonly used for surface and tubing inspections, conventional eddy current testing is typically used for surface inspections of ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials, with a very high sensitivity to tight cracks.

Tubing inspections of non-ferromagnetic materials can be conducted with conventional eddy current testing, and has a high degree of sensitivity, able to detect and size pits to a high accuracy. General wall loss or corrosion can be detected using conventional eddy current scanning, however sizing these types of degradation are not as accurate.

Carbon steel tubing can be inspected through remote field eddy current testing (RFT). This method has a high sensitivity to general wall loss, however it is not as sensitive to small pits and cracks.

Source: chemtexcorp.com