Rajiv Das, P.Eng, M.Eng

Vice President, Co-Founder

Rajiv has over 27 Years of experience in the petrochemical and refining industry. As an owner and engineer, he is a role model for the company when it comes to providing the best service to our clients.

His responsibilities include managing client relations and securing international contracts. With his years of experience in the field and as an API inspector for pressure vessels, tanks, and piping. He can provide sort and long-term solution to prospective customers.

Rajiv also manages maintenance contracts and establishes CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems). Using these skills along with local regulatory requirements. Rajiv can create a proactive maintenance program that fits your needs.

If it so happens that you need CANEIL to develop a reactive maintenance plan. Then Rajiv also has years of experience creating repair and work packages that can be backed up by our internal FEA team.