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CANEIL provides the complete package of visual inspection, non-destructive examination (NDE/NDT) and engineering services all under one roof. Inspection and engineering services from CANEIL help our clients reduce risk, and ensure quality and accuracy, as well as making sure that regulatory requirements are met. Our professionals execute welding inspections, pipeline inspections, NACE coating inspections and so much more. The multiple-certification of our team members can reduce costs, resources, and job completion times for all of our services. Book your inspection services and engineering assessments with CANEIL.

Client Value from CANEIL

CANEIL consistently provides client value by:

The CANEIL Difference

Whether our clients need one or several services at this stage, or as part of our total asset integrity solution, we can help. CANEIL’s professionals have experience with inspection, engineering, and non-destructive test (NDE) methods in multiple jurisdictions across North America. The team at CANEIL efficiently performs all integrity services which saves our customers cost and time. Get your visual inspection done with one team and get it done right.


From small-scale monitoring to plant-wide corrosion surveys, CANEIL the know-how to effectively carry out corrosion surveys, including but not limited to: the creation, execution, analysis, and management of the corrosion survey. Our engineers, inspectors, and technicians take your corrosion survey from the initial planning stages, including circuitization and damage mechanisms, through location selection, port installation, and long-term corrosion rate monitoring.

Baseline and follow-up corrosion surveys of condition/thickness monitoring locations (CMLs/TMLs) provide CANEIL’s clients with the quantified data needed to make accurate estimates of equipment condition and corrosion damage rates for shutdown, maintenance, and lifespan planning.

CANEIL is an accredited Authorized Inspection Agency and holds a Certification of Authorization Permit with the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA), the jurisdictional authority of pressure equipment in Alberta. Our inspectors are practicing engineers in Alberta and in other provinces. CANEIL provides National Board In-service Commissioned Inspectors (IS) qualified to perform jurisdictionally-required inspections of boilers, pressure vessels, and pressure piping, either installed or in operation.

CANEIL’s inspectors perform industry inspections related to pressure vessels, piping, and tanks. Our clients gain value from inspectors who are certified in the following:

  • API 510 – Pressure Vessel Inspection Code: in-service inspection, rating, repair, and alteration
  • API 570 – Piping Inspection Code: in-service Inspection, rating, repair, and alteration of piping systems
  • API 653 – tank inspection, repair, alteration, and reconstruction.

CANEIL provides certified inspectors who are also licensed professional engineers. The on-site inspector is your CANEIL expert. If a problem arises, your inspector can resolve it right on the spot, and this expertise saves CANEIL’s clients time and money.

CANEIL is well equipped to fulfill our clients’ welding inspection requirements. We are certified to CSA Standard W178.1 through the CWB Group, Canada’s Authorized National Body (ANB).

CANEIL employs NACE certified inspectors and engineers to evaluate coatings on equipment designed to protect against wear and tear.

Our coating inspection services include:

  • pre-surface preparation
  • surface preparation
  • conformation of proper product applicability
  • product mixing and application
  • wet/dry film thickness
  • recoat times
  • cure evaluations
  • product adhesion
  • coating discontinuities through holiday testing

Most jurisdictions require an installation inspection prior to equipment operation. CANEIL’s inspectors know what to look for so that your installation inspection is done accurately and efficiently.

CANEIL offers a variety of engineering assessments from data collected either by one of our inspectors or by the client. These include:

  1. Fitness for Service: Our engineers refer to API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 for consistent results.
  2. Finite Element Analysis (FEA): CANEIL offers FEA to provide accurate results for analysis on pressure, contact forces, vibration loading, thermal loading (heat-flux), and fatigue for complicated systems such as pressure vessels and pipelines with great precision. Likewise, it can be performed much more quickly than traditional hand calculations. CANEIL uses SOLIDWORKS for pressure vessels and CEASER II for piping systems and pipelines.
  3. Re-Rate Assessments: Using API 579-1/ASME FFS-1, our engineers re-rate equipment to lower design pressure and temperature due to corrosion or other damage mechanisms which cause material loss.
  4. Repair and Alterations: Any repair or alteration assessment must follow the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction. ABSA is the authority in Alberta that regulates pressure equipment. At CANEIL, we follow AB-513 requirements and conduct repair and alteration assessments.

CANEIL employs a team of qualified piping and pipeline inspectors that provide full coverage of all our clients pipeline and right-of-way inspection needs for both buried and above ground lines.  As part of the pipeline and ROW inspection services CANEIL provides for buried lines, we inspect and report on the following: 

  • adequate pipeline signage at applicable locations such as road and water crossings
  • the presence of leaks at any point in the line 
  • adequate depth of cover as per applicable codes such as CSA Z662 and the Alberta Pipeline Act
  • the condition and operability of equipment at metering stations along the pipeline 
  • the presence of vegetation overgrowth along the line which may require removal to satisfy regulatory requirements

CANEIL personnel also coordinate between regulators and clients to perform the work of clearing brush along right-of-ways.

CANEIL offers pipeline Direct Examinations (DE) as an integrity tool used to support operators with their Pipeline Integrity Management Plan (IMP).  Through our Direct Examination process, CANEIL is able to provide the most effective value added deliverable that best supports an operator’s IMP. A DE from CANEIL means a comprehensive assessment of:

  • The Environment: Soils and topography, existing coating system(s) and corrosion by-products that may be present on the pipe surface.
  • Non Destructive Examination: Along with standard MT and UT, CANEIL offers PAUT and TOFD.  The latest in laser mapping technology provides higher resolution and accuracy when mapping corrosion.
  • Pipeline Repairs: Preparation for any required repairs as well as inspection of those repairs.
  • Recoating Activities: Coating inspection for newly applied coating systems are provided by NACE certified personnel. 
  • Root Cause Analysis: CANEIL provides operators with the Root Cause responsible for any given pipeline anomaly.  Root Cause provides added value for risk management planning.

Inspection Methods

CANEIL provides a wide range of inspection methods. The basic inspection methods CANEIL offers include the following:
More advanced inspection methods CANEIL offers include the following:

For hard-to-reach areas requiring inspection, CANEIL offers the following methods:

  1. Wall crawler: This method employs phased array inspection via remote robot to test large and/or long outer surfaces on the outer surface of tall vessels, and on inner and outer tank surfaces, testing longitudinal and circumferential welds. This is quick and cost effective.
  2. Rope access: This is a safe method of working at heights suspended by rope to get from location to location efficiently. Rope access is far more cost effective than scaffolding. CANEIL has IRATA certified inspectors who carry out inspection methods safely and faster than other means of access.

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