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CANEIL provides the complete package of engineering services, all under one roof. Engineering services from CANEIL help our clients reduce risk, and ensure quality and accuracy, as well as making sure that regulatory requirements are met. Our professionals are experts in Reliability Maintenance, RBI,  FEA analysis and so much more. The multiple-certification of our team members can reduce costs, resources, and job completion times for all of our services. Book your engineering assessments with CANEIL.

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CANEIL consistently provides client value by:

The CANEIL Difference

Whether our clients need one or several services at this stage, or as part of our total asset integrity solution, we can help. CANEIL’s professionals have experience in multiple jurisdictions across North America. The team at CANEIL efficiently performs all integrity services which saves our customers cost and time.


From small-scale monitoring to plant-wide corrosion surveys, CANEIL has the know-how to effectively carry out corrosion surveys, including but not limited to: the creation, execution, analysis, and management of the corrosion survey. Our engineers, inspectors, and technicians take your corrosion survey from the initial planning stages, including circuitization and damage mechanisms, through location selection, port installation, and long-term corrosion rate monitoring.

Baseline and follow-up corrosion surveys of condition/thickness monitoring locations (CMLs/TMLs) provide CANEIL’s clients with the quantified data needed to make accurate estimates of equipment condition and corrosion damage rates for shutdown, maintenance, and lifespan planning.

CANEIL houses a strong team of multidisciplinary Integrity Professionals with backgrounds in Mechanical, Structural, Chemical, and Materials Engineering, who are also knowledgeable in Inspection and Non-Destructive Examination techniques. We are able to provide comprehensive FFS assessments of equipment that will allow owner-users to safely and reliably operate their assets while avoiding expensive and unnecessary repairs.

Our engineers re-rate pressure vessels and piping equipment in accordance with the codes of construction (ASME BPVC Sec. VIII Div. 1 & 2, ASME B31.3, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.9, ASME B16.11 etc.). Whether the purpose of re-rating is to accommodate process changes in the plant, or as a remediation effort in response to a Fitness-For-Service assessment, CANEIL can provide re-rate services that comply with both jurisdictional and client requirements

CANEIL houses a strong team of multidisciplinary Integrity Professionals with backgrounds in Mechanical, Structural, Chemical, and Materials Engineering who are also knowledgeable in Non-Destructive Examination techniques, RBI methodology and asset management tools such as GE APM Meridium. This knowledge has been key for our clients, as our team has been able to identify and propose more efficient mitigation strategies by optimizing the methods of inspection, resulting in a more cost-efficient program while maintaining the reliability and integrity of the equipment.

CANEIL houses a strong team of multidisciplinary Integrity Professionals with backgrounds in Process, Mechanical, Chemical, and Materials Engineering to provide clients with support on OPPSD.  Furthermore, CANEIL employs software professionals as part of our OPPSD team to automate data collection and filtration as well as semi-automating final report writing.  The use of in-house software allows CANEIL to deliver OPPSD Assessments with unrivaled efficiency while minimizing error.

Level 3 Fitness-For-Service assessments may require Finite-Element-Analysis (FEA) to create comprehensive studies on pressure, contact forces, vibration loading, thermal loading (heat-flux), and fatigue. CANEIL uses SOLIDWORKS Premium to model and assess pressure vessels, tanks, and other equipment with complex geometries. For piping systems and pipelines, CANEIL uses CEASAR II.

Our engineers have extensive experience in circuitization, a process integral to Risk Based Inspection. CANEIL adds value by lowering inspection and maintenance costs associated with asset degradation by creating corrosion circuits from Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s) and Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s). CANEIL can step in at any stage in the life cycle of an asset to offer our experience and expertise in creating corrosion circuits.

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