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Integrity Planning & Risk Assessment

Knowledge is Power

At CANEIL, our integrity planning follows a detailed historical document and data analysis. Sometimes data may be lost or irretrievable, in which case CANEIL can build a new baseline and can build a process for tracking data going forward. We then develop, maintain, and optimize integrity planning and assess risk to our clients’ assets.

Client Value from CANEIL

CANEIL consistently provides client value by:

The CANEIL Difference

CANEIL’s professionals can step in at any stage of integrity planning and risk assessment, or as part of the total asset integrity solution. CANEIL’s team understands historical data review and analysis in jurisdictions across North America. We are your one stop for your integrity planning and risk assessment needs. Let the CANEIL team help.


After executing a historical data review, CANEIL’s engineers and inspectors coordinate and optimize resources. We have saved millions of dollars for our clients in resource allocation by understanding effective integrity management. This results in tighter schedules with optimized manpower and cost savings to our clients.

Inspection and test plans (ITPs) are critical in maintaining quality assurance requirements of jurisdictions and industry standards, and in guiding effective equipment inspections. They define the points at which assets are surveyed and submitted for client approval. CANEIL develops test strategies, which provide a long term plan for inspecting and testing client assets. ITPs are used at inspection intervals and CANEIL develops and refines ITPs to meet or exceed jurisdiction and industry standards.

The selection of non-destructive examination (NDE) methods is a vital part of every integrity program. CANEIL employs engineers and inspectors that understand the processes and environments of your assets. They use the best methods to determine the existence of flaws generated by all possible damage mechanisms. At CANEIL, we understand how each method works as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. This is how we decide which method to use. CANEIL has certified our employees in a variety of testing methods, and most of our engineers and inspectors have multiple certifications. That’s why CANEIL is the best choice for NDE methods used in conjunction with our total asset integrity solution.

Here at CANEIL, we conduct overpressure protection reviews to protect client assets. Our engineers review scenarios where equipment and piping may see pressures that cause overpressure protection activation. CANEIL follows the jurisdiction rules, such as ABSA AB-525 (in Alberta) and industry standards, such as API 521 – Pressure-relieving and Depressuring Systems, in designing systems to reduce pressure and when installing safety devices.

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the rest of the life cycle

Your assets have different needs as they each move through their life. CANEIL understands these targeted needs. That’s how we expertly manage your asset integrity as well as proactively plan and perform necessary integrity activities. Leave it to us.

Regulatory Compliance & Integrity Program Development

CANEIL’s inspectors and engineers assist in developing and maintaining integrity programs to meet or exceed standards.
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Historical Data Review & Analysis

CANEIL analyzes the history and design of assets; a valuable predictor for future performance. We then develop a plan that meets regulatory, safety, and economic needs.
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NDE / Visual Inspection & Engineering Assessment

CANEIL helps reduce risk, and ensure quality and accuracy and will ensure your assets meet regulatory standards.
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Reliability Maintenance & Monitoring

CANEIL understands the importance of ensuring the reliability and maintenance of client assets to reduce downtime and to decrease costs.
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