Predict Damage to Mitigate Risk

Historical Data Review & Analysis

Data Driven Clarity

Prior to developing and reviewing inspection plans and risk assessments, CANEIL collects and reviews data for each individual asset to improve and maintain the life of the asset, and to predict damage mechanisms and mitigate risk. Our professionals understand the design of client assets, and we understand how the location and environment in which assets operate also contribute to the creation of inspection plans and risk assessments.

When an asset is put into service, CANEIL signs off on all regulatory documents and develops integrity plans to ensure a total asset integrity solution. While the asset is in operation, our team of professionals collects and stores all the data relevant to the integrity of the asset. Data required for collection at this stage includes, but is not limited to, the following:

At CANEIL, our team of engineers and inspectors evaluate and validate integrity management data, and perform the calculations required to evaluate and to predict key factors at this stage.

Client Value from CANEIL

CANEIL consistently provides client value by:

The CANEIL Difference

CANEIL collects client asset data, then analyzes and consolidates it, giving our clients a view of the past and making predictions for the future of client assets. CANEIL uses historical data review and analysis to help clients streamline scheduling, avoid repeating past mistakes, and run job sites more efficiently. Our team of professionals at CANEIL skillfully reviews and analyzes historical data. Let us review your past to best prepare you for the future.


At CANEIL, we understand what client assets are designed to do. That’s how we determine and predict the damage mechanisms assets will face in different industries. Corrosion is a damage mechanism common to every industry. CANEIL engineers and inspectors are certified with industry standards including API 571 – Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment.

Our engineers apply the results of corrosion rate calculations to propose the best solutions and recommended practices to increase the life of client assets.

At CANEIL, we evaluate the life expectancy of client assets based on the data we gather combined with the damage mechanisms assets face. Using industry standards, recommended practices, and the experience of our inspectors and engineers, we provide solutions to mitigate or lower damage mechanisms, and to improve the life expectancy of client assets. Trust us to handle all your life consumption evaluations.

From asset data collection to analysis and consolidation, CANEIL’s professionals are ready to assist.

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